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kamliyasoft provides High quality services that can make the services that were done manually to increase workflow and productivity. Kamliyasoft concentrates on putting forward the best Process development tools and keep it comparative with the best industry standard.

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What We Provide

Mobile App development

Over the last 6 years , we have provided Mobile application development services to 150+ clients and enterprises, our mobile application had a significant impact in the businesses of our clients.

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Web Application development

The world is going digital, don’t just limit yourself, Using a website you can start finding customers globally now. We ensure that you will find the best web design services at Digital Suncity!

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Custom Software development

Custom software is built to address specific users’ needs and is considered more efficient than commercial off-the-shelf software.

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Network Solution

To succeed in this new era of hybrid work, organizations must provide secure and collaborative work experiences wherever your employees choose to be.

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Database development

The information in many databases consists of natural-language texts of documents; number-oriented databases primarily contain information such as statistics, tables, financial data, and raw scientific and technical data.

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ERP Development

We develop scalable, enterprise-wide ERP systems to automate critical processes and provide key data insights across on-premise, mobile, and web-based platforms

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Mobile apps Development

Web Application development

Custom software development


Database development and management

ERP solution and management