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kamliyasoft is expertise in the field of fully software development, web Design, Development, Mobile Apps. We provide best Application service and provide best web Application development.Software development, Web development, Website designing, Graphic Designing, Logo Design, IOS App development, Android App Development are some core functionalities of kamliyasoft professionals. We have an advanced and extensive knowledge of Social Media Marketing, Branding and reputation management.

  • Woi Choon jhong

    Excellent work for Our project koo exchange.they put their All efforts to complete my project on time and provide complete satisfaction,They have also very good technical team ,very supported.

  • Engoh L. Fondoh

    Awesome,Did a very fabulous job requested on time ,and very professional interm of communication and deliver the project on time,Thanks .

  • bennystats

    I enjoyed the experience and I am satisfied with the work. I highly recommend.They put their efforts in the job and really was a good exprience to work with kamliyasoft.Thanks

  • thunderbolttech8

    Great work did on time.and was very honest and Responsible to work with

Collections from our customers

Our main Goal is to provide the complete satisfaction to our clients.

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our goal for provide the complete satisfaction to the customers And provide the complete solution of their problem.

  • raising throghput, the amounts of items sold (not produced) in the unit of time
  • Lowering investment/inventory, all the money tied up in the system in the form of assets that could be sold or products that stay in a warehouse.
  • Lowering operational expense, all the money that we have spent as support and that cannot be recovered.


We follow a standard process for develop a product .

  • Our 5 year experience has taught us the importance of proper planning and correct management. Irrespective of the order of your enterprise it is highly recommended to undergo the above route rather than going an impatient way in a software development process..
  • For Instance if you follow the Waterfall method for a technology that aligns well with scrum you are heading towards a dead end.


Our result is a combination of Our Team and respected Clients effort.Our team is continueslly working for provide the satisfaction to our clients.

  • Team Effort
  • Team Work
  • Expected Result

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